Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sara McIntyre's challenge ....

Sara McIntyre, author and illustrator of the great Vern & Lettuce in the DFC has a challenge for writers and artists out there in advance of the Turning Pages, the first British Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators conference for writers AND illustrators in London on the 22nd/23rd of November.

The challenge is this; over to Sara:

"Take part in our Comixtravaganza! ... Come up with a four-panel comic strip on the theme: My writing/illustrating life. Let us see some quirk about your daily working life, whether it be a moment of procrastination, the coffee you absolutely MUST drink to write dialogue, a daydream, or that cat that keeps leaving paw prints on your painting surfaces. Don't worry if you're not an illustrator, the writing is just as important, and stick figures are an essential part of every writer's tool kit!" Click here to see the full post.

The first entry is from Darryl Cunningham, he of Super Sam and John Of The Night, the webcomic being serialised here at the FPI blog. Now it's your turn...

(Darryl Cunningham's writing/illustrating life)

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