Friday, March 20, 2009

Batman & Robin. Morrison & Quitely are in

Or maybe more importantly: Miller out. Miller out. Miller out.

I have no idea what's happening with the All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder series that Frank Miller and Jim Lee were doing. Personally I thought it was hideously bad stuff - review here. The review ended with:
You read it. And something inside just dies as you realise that Frank Miller just lost any semblance of being the writer you once thought was up there with Alan Moore.
There are so many things wrong with All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder that it's almost impossible to list them all.
It's vicious, nasty and just plain awful. I'm done with Frank Miller.
And that's why I neither know nor care what's going on with Miller's Batman. But recently there has been some good news. First Neil Gaiman gets to do a special two-parter Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader (sat on the shelf right now and i'll read it as soon as I get a moment). But more importantly we have this:

Batman & Robin #1.
Coming in June from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

This is the team that was responsible for the wonderful All-Star Superman that was everything you wanted for a Superman story. (Review). So hopes are high for this one, even if it looks like Quitely will only be doing art for issues 1-3 & 9-12 of the 12 issue series.

Meanwhile, Morrison discusses the book with IGN here:
'Batman and Robin', which opens with the 3-part 'Batman Reborn' arc, is maybe more poppy, and more colourful, but it's also creepier. It's like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show. The story arcs are 4 short 3-part 'events', which combine to tell a longer, 12 part mystery.

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