Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk......

Since doing it for the first time in 2009 - The Stupid I-Pod A-Z Idea has stuck with me as something very worthwhile indeed.

Essentially it's a way to free me from the dread feeling of "what the hell do I feel like listening to tonight" if there's nothing on the radio to listen to. Simply start at A and work through.

It's also a good way to keep the i-pod under control. And seeing as I have a 30GB i-pod with 2 GB of space free, I really do need to look at cutting some of the chaff away from the wheat.

Anyway, right now we're up to K. And everyone in Bruton mansions knows what that means.

Oh yes:

Oh yes, it's Kraftwerk time in Bruton mansions. But this time it's Kraftwerk with a difference. Except it's a difference only I can hear. Last time I visited them it was to download and love every album in it's German form as well as the English forms I already owned.

But now it's remasters time. And even better, it's remasters in 320kbps.

I'm not an audio snob, far from it. In fact I maintain that some of my stuff sounds better in it's original hissy, poppy, taped off the radio state. But this is Kraftwerk. Going from 192kbps to 320kbps is just beautiful. Everything's clearer, and the remasters are gorgeous to listen to.

Kraftwerk. Music perfected.

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