Richard Bruton - that's me.

I started a love affair with comics in my childhood, but the defining moment has to be walking into Nostalgia & Comics Birmingham when I was maybe 12. I graduated from customer to comics retailer aged 16, with a summer job at N&C that lasted, in one form or another, 19 years. Only moving up to Yorkshire could drag me away.

Since 2007 I've been writing and reviewing at the Forbidden Planet International blog, supporting every aspect of the burgeoning UK comic scene. I try and review everything that comes to me, but 24 hours only stretches so far.

Ostensibly I'm employed as a primary school ICT technician, but I've managed to get comics involved by tweaking the job description to become librarian and builder of the best primary age graphic novel library in the country. No, really. 1000+ selected items in a graphic novel library. It rocks.

Aside from writing for FPI, ICT tech work, Librarianship, I sat on the committee for the inaugural couple of years of the British Comic Awards.  

I'm always looking for new experiences, both writing and reading, so if you've a writing job you want me to take on or a comic you would like me to look at, do get in touch.



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