Friday, October 31, 2008

October round up....

Back at the end of September I made this post and told myself to revisit it around now.

October's been a good enough month. Not that I've actually managed to do any of that relaxing stuff I was thinking about. But schoolwork has eased slightly, as I've gotten a fair bit of work done ahead of it needing to be done. Of course, this still means the three huge work things are still hanging over me and I really have to make some inroads into them this half term. Joy.

Reviewing's been slow this month. It hasn't helped that most of the last two weeks has seen me completely bogged down in a huge Grendel review / series overview. But it's done now. Of course, while I've been getting behind with this the reviews have been piling up. 25 to do now. And more meant to be arriving to review any time soon. But the good thing is that I'm still enjoying it. Not at 2am when i'm trying to find the words perhaps, but at 2:20am when I've finished it and read it over and am fairly satisfied that it's good. That I enjoy.

Blogging's been okay this month. Rather too comic orientated perhaps, bu tsome months it just works like that I guess.

Good month then. Next month, the return of relaxation? That would be something.

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