Monday, July 02, 2007

The Concert For Diana .....

Where to start on this particular cultural train wreck? (or possibly more aptly a cultural car crash?)

Wembley looking 1/3 empty.
Repeated mentions by the announcers, artistes, presenters about how much atmosphere there was for this gig. Which is strange, because I could have sworn it looked and sounded completely flat, with echoing sound and no atmosphere whatsoever.
The Princes (aw, God bless 'em yor majesteee) having to use prompt cards for what little they did say on stage.
Fergie (not the orange haired princess, the dumb as all hell ghetto princess)
Dennis Hopper introducing bands?
The assorted Sloanes in the royal boxes looking alternatively bored out of their minds or occasionally getting up for a dance in a "oh, look at me Peregrine, I can dance like a commoner" way.
P Bloody Diddy. I believe he was giving it up for Diana. Queen of our motherfucking hearts, one sexy bitch princess or something like that. Or at least that's what I was hoping he'd say, because it would have been better than the turgid shit he was coming out with.
And Simon Cowell, just horrible. Christ man, why don't you just beg for a knighthood?

"You've put on one heck of a show," he told them.
"In years to come, if you ever get tired of running the country, you can come and work for me producing TV shows."

And all this even though I was not actually watching it. No honestly. This much I got from just popping in and out. Awful.

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