Thursday, September 20, 2007

And whilst we're on scans daily - more Moore

Having looked at that last Alan Moore, Bruce Timm story on scans daily, my curiosity was piqued. Obviously there's a load o Alan Moore on there, and a lot of it's fairly well known stuff and readily available.
But it's the other stuff that I always find intriguing.
So here's a few Alan Moore scans daily links of interest:

Pictopia by Alan Moore & Donald Simpson:
Very possibly one of the most perfect Alan Moore stories. Pictopis perfectly captured Moore's increasing sense of despair at the dark superhero boom he's been involved in creating.

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neil:
The story that elegantly and concisely sorts out the problem of why the bloody hell Abin Sur, Green Lantern and more than capable of getting about with just his stupid power ring, decided to fly around and eventually crash to Earth in his spaceship. Interestingly this was also the strip that had the Comics Code Authority deciding that Kevin O'Neil's entire style of art was completely unsuitable. A moment of pride for him I'd imagine.

Bojeffries - Song of the Terraces by Alan Moore & Steve Parkhouse:
Sadly only collected (to my knowledge) once by Atomeka ages and ages ago when I were young)

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