Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alan Moore - Angel Passage cd transcription...

Glycon (in his human form at least) has the complete transcribed Alan Moore performance cd Angel Passage over at his website here.

Wonderful stuff, but really benefits from this musical accompaniment and hearing the majesty and emotion of Alan Moore's voice to really bring it to life....

For example, nothing quite delivers the emotional jolt of the finale as hearing Moore's Northampton intonation building to a crescendo with the music and delivering these lines...
And all the wheeling cosmos comes to this, its orbits to an evening’s walk pared down.
Vast swirls made stains on Catherine’s dressing gown and suns careening in the fond, brief kiss.
His thumbprint’s heat in every just fist curled, in hand on pen, or sharing the last crust.
On lovers arse, or tumbling jails to dust, his rages, lusts and fears those of the world.
He is our human compass, jumps, limbs splayed to all points, up from the common ground.
In fireball dawn, mad glare, torrential sound,
is William Blake,
amazed and unafraid.
Stunning. A shiver down the spine every time he hits that "Amazed and unafraid" line.

If you have never heard any of Alan Moore's quite breathtakingly good performance pieces you really have missed a treat. They're unavailable now, but you can still pick up occasional copies from ebay or just bit torrent them.
But surely, someone must be in a position to do a public service and just bring them all back and sell the damn things?

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