Thursday, September 25, 2008

DC's idea of a long term commitment to developing the Minx line of graphic novels - 18 months?

Everywhere in the bloggy world of comics has done the story already, but just to join in the fun....

The Minx line from DC Comics was a great idea. Produce a digest format line of graphic novels, aim them at a young, female audience and cross promote them away from the comic shops and direct market. Expand the readership, save the comics. That sort of thing.

Except DC announced today that they were pulling the plug on the line after just 18 months. The line started in 2007 and will peter out early 2009.

I'm too tired to even think about it really, so hit the links below for details. The only thing I will say is that looking through a few comments it seems like there's an awfully large proportion of the people commenting who, like me, start the lament with "I'm not the target market but I liked Minx.....". Could be that's because the target market don't read and comment on comic websites or it could be that this was Minx's problem and it never really succeeded in getting out to it's target market.

As usual, Tom, Heidi, Dirk and Joe succeed in providing a good coverage of the whole farago.

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