Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's DFC Friday .... DFC Issue 34

Friday came and went I'm afraid in a bit of a blur, so DFC Friday becomes DFC Saturday.

But the The DFC issue 34 is out with Jason Cobley and Andrew Wildman's Frontier gracing the cover. Inside they're being menaced by a devious gang of werewolves in Weird Wild West. Getting better as it goes this one is, although it does suffer slightly from John Blake syndrome with each episode being not quite long enough to get enough story in. I'm beginning to think this may be down to the artist; Andrew Wildman likes big panels, which means we only get 21 panels across 4 pages. It looks nice, but maybe smaller panels to get more story in would serve it better?

New this issue is the slightly strange Wilbur Dawbarn's Bodkin and the Bear, a 2 page "funny one" that had Molly and I smiling when the inept medieval minstrel gets captured by the bear. It's only strange because the art looks different from the usual funny strip style. It's more rough and angular, but funny is funny, so it's passed the Molly test which is good enough for me.

Also this issue: Super Animal Adventure Squad by James Turner; Dave Shelton's Good Dog, Bad Dog; Simone Lia's ever funny Sausage and Carrots and more Lazarus Lemming. Sarah McIntyre's Vern & Lettuce is still the high point for Molly though and this week we get to see an Underground ghost station and meet Vern's ghostly Grandad leading Vern to utter the great lines: "Am I also doomed to spend an eternity chasing dead moles?"

As before, the two strips Molly doesn't read are the two highlights. Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank's Mezolith just looks gorgeous and reads as though Haggarty was in the room reading it to you. And then there's Mirabilis. This time round we get to see a devious old wizard's escape from Bethlehem Hospital for the Insane, our hero gets filled in on what's going on a little more; seems the green comet's trail across the sky happens every thousand years or so and always brings with it miraculous events. Camelot, the Arabian Nights, Hercules, Odysseus and the Mahabarata. What it has in store this time we shall wait impatiently for.

More next week. Maybe even on the Friday this time.

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