Friday, February 06, 2009

It's DFC Friday: issue 36

This week's DFC, done at speed....

Nice Peach de Punch cover and a good two page strip by Misako Rocks. And all of the usual stuff really. This really is the problem with doing a weekly mini review of the same comic: everything you like is still liked, everything you don't, you still don't. Needless to say Vern & Lettuce and Sausage & Carrots were great. Sarah McIntyre has suddenly decided to veer off into a much longer story with Vern & Lettuce. Luckily the strip still has enough gags and of course, looks lovely. One of the strengths of it is how warm and cosy and comfortable it looks. The colours and stylings make it look nothing like anything else in the comic. Next thing you know she'll be telling us she has this idea for 300 strips and this early funny stuff was just her finding her feet a la Dave Dim with Cerebus. Or maybe not.

My continuing love for Mirabilis just grows and grows. I'm really looking forward to the collection that is definitely coming out at some point in the future.

Which makes me wonder yet again - when do we get to see some more collections? Everyone start emailing the DFC and suggesting it:

Sadly, this issue also sees the end of Mezolith after it's short reprise of the last few weeks. It's making way for Spider Moon and Lil' Cutie from Gary Northfield. Yea for Lil' Cutie, but neither Molly or I enjoyed Spider Moon too much first time round.

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